Snow Removal


Whether you’re an Orange County homeowner or small business owner, professional snowplower, or a Hudson Valley local municipality, Automotive Audio of Newburgh NY has a snowplow to fit your needs. We offer snow plows that are built to withstand the rigors of any New York Winter.  We provide plows for any commercial application as well as personal snow plows for smaller and lighter four-wheel-drive vehicles. Contact Newburgh’s Automotive Audio to help you find the perfect snow plow for your truck or four wheel drive vehicle. Whatever your snow removal needs, Automotive Audio has the right snow removal equipment to help you get the job done.

We are proud of the products we offer and confident that our snow plows and ice removal equipment will handle the toughest of New York Winters.  Automotive Audio of Newburgh offers a wide range of snow and ice control equipment for the professional Hudson Valley snow plower. We can fit your vehicle with rugged straight-blades, to hard-working V-plows and even versatile expanding-moldboard snow plows.  Automotive Audio also offers a a line of tailgate and hopper salt and sand spreaders so your small business can offer a complete snow removal service to Orange County New York businesses and homeowners alike.

Check out our full line of plowing and snow removal equipment!